Ixtoc II

In June 1979, one of the largest accidental oilspills in History occurred in the bay of Campeche in Mexico. Same as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010, where several million barrels of crude oil were leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.

Disasters like this will pollute our environment as long as our daily need for gasoline and plastic products set the necessity for the petroleum industry. The oceans are filled with microplastic parts that come back at us via the food chain.

If you look up to the sky during the night you can see the stars glimmering, sending their light over billions of miles through space and we gaze upon them and feel small and awestruck by the beauty of thousands of suns in the galaxy.

Each one of them represents an almost infinite source of energy that we could harvest for our needs.

The artwork represents both the beauty and simplicity of our stars shining through the darkness, giving us the opportunity of using their starlight to break the bonds to the black smelly past of crude oil into a bright future, where we could use the energy of our sun, our most important live bearing star.


Artwork shown at the 4th Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale.